Commencement 2018

Date:                            May 12, 2018

Time:                            TBA

Location:                       Arend Arts Center, Bentonville High School

                       1901 SE J Street Bentonville, Arkansas

Online:                          Live stream on the NWACC Facebook Page


Students must apply to graduate in order to be a part of the Commencement Ceremony. For information about graduation, please refer to the graduation page.


2018 Commencement Program

Caps, Gowns & Announcements

Students participating in the commencement ceremony may purchase their caps, gowns and announcements through the Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstore.

Tip: To remove the wrinkles hang up your gown after purchasing.

Honors Cords & Stoles

  • Honors cords- Students eligible to wear an honor cord may purchase them at Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstore located on the first floor of the Becky Paneitz Student Center.
  • Veterans Cords- Student who served in the U.S. armed forces are provided a red, white & blue stole to wear during commencement. Qualified students need to contact Dianna Portillo at
  • International Flag Stoles- Students interested in purchasing a stole to represent their country's flag during the commencement ceremony can contact the International Programs department at

Commencement Ceremony

Check in

Arrive 45 minutes before your ceremony to check in. During check in you will receive your reader card.

This card will have your full name, degree/certificates and honors that will be announcement during the ceremony. Be sure to hold on to this card.

Tip: Leave all valuables (purse, wallet, etc.) at home since we cannot provide a secure place for them.  Remember to turn off your cell phone before the ceremony begins.


Professional pictures are taken during the ceremony and will include one with the traditional handing of the diploma tube. Information about the pictures are provided at the Graduate Information Session and the day of commencement.

Ceremony Attire

The ceremony will be indoors so dress according to the weather for that day.

Tip: We recommend wearing high heels under 3 inches since you will be standing for a long length of time.

Alumni Reception

Be sure to stop by the alumni reception after the ceremony with your invited guests.


Parking is located on the North and East side of Arend Arts Center.


Seating at Arend Arts Center is limited and we ask that you limit your number of guests to 7; however, if your number of guests exceeds this amount, by a person or two, it will be fine for them to attend. 

We ask for family and friends with video cameras to sit in the back of the auditorium to not obstruct the view for others.

Do not block the aisles since students, faculty, and staff will be using the aisle during the ceremony.

More Information

Refer to the graduation FAQ page for more information.


Contact the Student Records office at