Degree Audits

What is Degree Works?

DegreeWorks is a web-based product that enables students and their advisors to review past, present, and future academic coursework to evaluate which degree requirements are complete and which degree requirements are remaining. DegreeWorks is a SunGard product and integrates seamlessly with MyNWACC Connection and the Banner Student System.

Benefits of DegreeWorks

  • Supports real time delivery of degree completion information through intuitive web self-service interfaces
  • Allows advisors to search for students by degree, and/or major to view degree progress
  • Provides the ability for advisors to view degree requirement substitutions electronically
  • Online environment reduces paperwork and manual degree checklists
  • Increases productivity between academic departments across campus
  • Long-term potential for data mining. Example: To evaluate which course requirements all students have completed and which course requirements students still need and use that data to plan course offerings. DegreeWorks comes with a standard set of reports that will be helpful for data analysis.


  • Advisor Notes—enables advisors to easily document who the student met with,  when, and what advice was given.
  • What If—shows students how progress towards degree completion changes if they change majors.
  • Look Ahead—dynamically shows how degree progress is affected by future planned courses.