Frequently Asked Questions

When are online classes offered?

Online courses at NWACC run during the same semesters as traditional college classes. Terms may be 5 or 8 weeks during the summer; and 8, 12, or 16 weeks during the fall and spring semesters.

I am already a student at a different college.  How can I take an online class at NWACC?

Since you are already a student at another college, you will be considered a visiting student at NWACC. You begin by filling out the admission application for visiting students. Go to this page for more information:

When do I register for online classes?

Online class registration is at the same time as registration for traditional on-campus classes, and uses the same class registration system. Registration generally opens in November for spring classes; and in April for summer and fall classes. 

How much does an online class cost at NWACC?

Online classes cost the same as traditional classes except a $43 distance learning fee is added to each online class to cover the cost of the online system and technical support. Tuition and fees depend on where you live and which class you take. Go to this page for more information:

How can I find online classes in the course schedule?

Search the class schedule for the semester you are interested in: 
In the Instructional Method box, select Online Classes to bring up a list. Note that online classes also have a W at the end of the section number.

Are online classes the same as face-to-face classes? Do they teach the same material? And what about faculty and class size?

Yes. The curriculum for each class is the same whether in a classroom or online. The same highly-qualified NWACC faculty also teach our online classes. Most online classes at NWACC contain less than 25 students. 

Are online classes easier than traditional college classes?

Although online classes are more convenient, they are not easier than face-to-face classes, and they require more study time and self-discipline than traditional classes. 

Will my college transcript say ‘online class'?

No. Because our online classes only differ in method of delivery, they are not listed differently on the transcript.

How do I take tests for an online class?

Tests are generally taken using the online system. Some courses will require proctored testing, including all math and science courses, which means you will have to come to an NWACC Testing Center or go to an approved testing location near you. You will work with your instructor to find an approved testing location as needed. NWACC also contracts with a fee-based online proctoring service that may be available if your instructor allows it. Proctoring options are located here:

Do assignments in online classes have due dates?

Yes. Online assignments will have weekly due dates just like traditional classes. Online classes are not self-study or self-paced. 

Do you have to be online at a particular time?

No, although you should expect to get into the online class several times each week to submit assignments, post to class discussions, and do other classwork. Frequent participation is expected in online classes at NWACC.

Are textbooks included with the class, or do I purchase them separately?

Online classes generally use the same textbook as the face-to-face classes, and must be purchased at the NWACC bookstore or at other online outlets.  

Who do I contact for more information about online courses and programs at NWACC?

Contact for more information.