Performance Management Process Overview


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POSITION DESCRIPITION - Supervisor begins the performance evaluation process by reviewing the employee's POSITION DESCRIPTION with the employee. The supervisor advises the HR classification and compensation analyst of updates.

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PLAN - Supervisor and employee meet to discuss and establish performance goals and objectives. The supervisor submits the PLAN and employee acknowledges.

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PROGRESS NOTES – The supervisor and employee can enter personal PROGRESS NOTES at any time to track performance. They meet periodically to review progress and make adjustments to the PLAN as needed.

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SELF EVALUATION Employee reviews yearly accomplishments and has the option to complete a SELF ASSESSMENT.

NOTE: Employee should ask supervisor if this step is required.
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SUPERVISOR EVALUATION - Supervisor creates the Performance Evaluation, referring to progress notes, self-assessment and/or other sources of information gathered throughout the year. The supervisor meets with the employee to discuss the SUPERVISOR EVALUATION ratings and provide feedback.  The supervisor submits SUPERVISOR EVALUATION to employee.

NOTE: Supervisor must enter Overall Rating, and may make comments and attach files before submitting the evaluation.

NOTE: Employee may add comments before acknowledging evaluation
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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS –The employee Acknowledges the SUPERVISOR EVALUATION. Upon receipt, the supervisor reviews the employee's comments.

Congratulations! The Performance Management cycle for the review period is complete. It is now time to begin PLANNING for the next performance review year.

 picture of clockHISTORY – Supervisors Only.  The supervisor can see the progress of what has been completed and what has not been completed.