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Brenda Meyer
Policy & Staff Enhancement Director

Welcome to NWACC Policy

This website is the definitive source for the most current NWACC system-wide policies. Policies duplicated on other websites or in print may not be the most current version.

As a component of continuous quality improvement, policy review and revision is an ongoing process at NorthWest Arkansas Community College. As individual policies are reviewed and updated, they are integrated into the online NWACC Policy and Procedures manual.

Policy and Procedure are organized into functional sections, which are listed below. Use the links provided in each section to expand to the full policy listing.

The Board of Trustees Manual relates to overall College governance and oversight for the Office of the President.

General College policies are policies that apply broadly throughout the College and pertain to more than one division of the College. College policies require College Cabinet review and approval. These policies enhance the mission of the College, ensure compliance with applicable laws, rules or regulations and/or promote operational effectiveness and efficiencies and reduce institutional risk.

Academic Affairs policy relates to the College's mission of teaching and learning. Academic Affairs policy apply to the faculty, students and the learning environment. Academic Affairs policy require Academic Deans and Faculty Senate review and approval by College Cabinet.

Student Affairs policy governs student support services at NWACC. These policies include, but are not limited to, admissions, registration, graduation, student clubs/organizations and student conduct. Student Affairs policy require the review of Student Affairs Deans and approval by College Cabinet.

Human Resource policies pertain to employment practices, employee rules, conduct and working conditions. These policies supplement and/or clarify existing policies from the State of Arkansas Office of Personnel Management. Human Resources Policy require review by the Director of Human Resources and the Executive Director of Risk Management with final approval by College Cabinet.

Financial Operations policies concern the College's financial functioning. Subjects include, but are not limited to, compliance with regulations, accounting, budgeting, purchasing, leases and individual fiduciary responsibility. Financial Operations policy require review by the Chief Financial Officer, Controller, Director of Budget and Director of Accounting followed by College Cabinet approval.

Information Technology Services assists in the development, formulation, and distribution of policies related to the College's electronic environment. Subjects include, but are not limited to, the privacy, security, and responsible use of information technology resources. Information Technology Services policy requires review by the Chief Information Officer and College Cabinet approval.

Operations and Facilities policy relate to the day to day operations of the College, including the maintenance and construction of buildings, grounds and general College property. These policies require review by the Associate Vice President of Operations, Executive Director of Risk Management, Director of Facilities Planning and Construction and the Director of Physical Plant with final approval by College Cabinet.

Risk Management and Public Safety Policy address risk mitigation, business continuity, disaster recovery, emergency response and employee, student and visitor safety. These policies require the review of the Executive Director of Emergency and Risk Management and the NWACC Chief of Police.

Workforce and Economic Development policy govern non-credit classes for personal enrichment and career development, including such programs as Adult Education, Skilled Trades and Marketing Analyst. These policies require the review of the Dean of Workforce Development and the Vice President for Business and External Affairs, with final approval by College Cabinet.

For archived policies, please contact Brenda Meyer