NWACC Scholarships

Thanks to many wonderful and generous donors, NWACC is able to provide over 130 scholarships to students to help alleviate some financial stress and help them get one-step closer to achieving their goals.


Important Notes:

  1. The availability, application type, qualifications, and award amounts are subject to change and can vary from academic year to academic year.
  2. NWACC Scholarships are announced in the daily announcements sent to student's NWACC email address, on the NWACC Scholarship Calendar, and on the NWACC Scholarship Resources Facebook page when they are available for students to apply.
  3. There are two scholarship cycles that are available annually during consistent dates:
    • Main Cycle—available annually from December 1-March 1, which awards the following academic year.
    • Fall Nursing Cycle-available annually September-October for current nursing students, which is awarded that current academic year.
  4. Students must be/will be enrolled in classes at NWACC during the semester(s) for which the scholarship will be awarded, and they must meet all requirements of an NWACC Scholarship to qualify to apply.


To see the list of NWACC Scholarships, please select a category below "NWACC Scholarships" on the left-hand side of the screen. If you have any questions regarding NWACC Scholarships, please email scholarships@nwacc.edu.