Student Reflections

"It isn't just about the certain aspect of what your group does, it's about doing something for a cause."
          — Zach Doler (Native American Advocacy Project, NAAP)


"...I found that despite the different beliefs and relationships we may hold with that divine being, we are all connected in some type of way."
          — Farah Abu-Safe (Interfaith Symposium)


"...our community needs such things and tolerance for others needs to be conveyed above all else."
          — Kaylee Nivens (Interfaith Symposium)


"...a different way to learn about a subject is to also help a community indirectly at the same time."
          — Fernando Serna


"I think that Service Learning is a great way to not only learn but also to educate others about important issues."
         — Luis Ramirez (Interfaith Symposium)


"It's about going out of your way to learn and dig a little deeper, then go out of your comfort zone and give to your community and impact lives."
         — Faith Pratt (Haiti Project)


"I mostly learned that even though our group was just four women from NWACC, we made a difference."
         — Lori Batt


"Little by little we can make a difference in other people's lives."
         — Adrian Perez (Haiti Project)


"One important thing I have learned through Service Learning this semester is that I do not have to wait for something to be brought to me; I can present myself to a situation and ask, 'What can I do to help?'"
         — Lisa Jameson (Haiti Project)


"Working on this Service Learning project really helped me to appreciate my hometown a little more than what I have before."
         — Daniel Yeager (Depression-Era Project, Rogers Historical Museum)


"Service Learning is a great way to learn about a topic in a way not normally done in school."
         — Michael Crawford (Depression-Era Project, Rogers Historical Museum)


"I not only learned the type of lasting impact a group can leave behind, but the ripple effect it creates to promote others to join the cause and help fellow peers."
         — Tristan Sullins (Interfaith Symposium)


"I love to open my mind and see how other people live their life day by day."
         — Drew Tennant (Interfaith Symposium)


"...I believe sustainability and all of its subtopics are crucially important to understanding our world today and how we impact it."
         — Brooke Morgan (Sustainability Project, Benton County Solid Waste District)


"As a leader, I felt like I was able to get the team motivated to do a good job and together, we were very successful."
         — Wes Mouser (Interfaith Symposium)


"...I wasn't just creating a documentary, I was telling the story of the Quapaw and carrying on their legacy."
         — Aaron Jones (Native American Advocacy Project, NAAP)