Why Service Learning?

The projects that you commit to through Service Learning open your eyes to the broader world and provide a way to serve others.  You will also learn the concepts and materials of your college courses at a deeper and more meaningful level.  The relationships you cultivate will also expand your network of contacts, making it a great way to make friends, meet professionals, and enhance your educational and professional portfolio.  Performing service for others also makes you feel proud and more confident in your own abilities.


Discovery is a key element to Service Learning.  You can't help what you don't know or understand.  Knowledge is power, and in this case, can empower you to change the world around you in a positive way.

"While I know we may never be able to end hunger, I do know that we have made an impact."
Allyson Schomaker, The Hunger Project



Service is the act of putting others before yourself in a practical sense.  They say that it is better to give than to receive, and that is something proven true time and time again.  The beauty in this process is that what you  do end up receiving is personal satisfaction.

"This project started out for me as just an assignment, and has grown into something I would like to continue to participate in." 
Terry Thurman, The NAAP Project



You are not alone in these projects.  You will learn how to work as a team to achieve real results.  Coming together, students find how great their efforts can be when combined with other like-minded individuals.  This is where the rubber meets the road, and seeing the planning coming to life is a powerful experience.


"It's about opening your heart and giving 110% to raise awareness for situations and people around the world."
D'Etta Stephens-Mason, The NAAP Project


Looking back is a great way to learn.  Processing the aspects of projects after they are completed is a great way to measure not only results, but to reflect on your involvement and assess what could have been improved upon and what aspects where greatly impactful.

"As a result of trying to learn just who someone is, I've grown more aware of the individuality of other people."
Tabitha Brown, The Haiti Project