Psychology & Philosophy in Germany


Take the opportunity of taking two 8-weeks classes during the summer term that includes a 3-weeks study abroad component. The classes are General Psychology (PSYC 2003), taught as an online class, and Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 2003), taught as a campus class. The program is open to students and members of the community and may be taken for college credit or audit. One can choose to take one or both classes, whereby students may be eligible for financial aid for the summer term if they take two courses, considering the two courses fulfill the program requirement(s).  During the 3-weeks study abroad to Germany, visit cities where many famous philosophers and psychologists studied, worked, and lived. Get a feel for the people and topics you learn about in your course(s). 

Kassel, Germany, a UNESCO Heritage City, will be the hub of our Germany study abroad program. In collaboration with the International Summer University (ISU), a division of the University Kassel, students will be placed with host families and attend NWACC class sessions on campus. We will be also sightseeing Kassel, including the Witzenhausen campus with studies related to sustainability, WWII bunker in the Weinberg (social psychology), Brothers Grimm Museum (philosophy), Herkules monument, Wilhelmshoehe Palace and Park with the Lions Castle (construction of the palace for Napoleon's brother Jerome), …  There will be excursions to various cities related to topics covered in the courses.

Excursions Include:     Heidelberg, Würzburg, Leipzig, Weimar, and Buchenwald Concentration Camp, and Berlin.

Optional Excursions:

-  Hannoversch Muenden with the Glockenspiel of Dr. Eisenbarth, a fairy tale by the Brother Grimm.--an old town dating back more than 600 years with fortress walls still intact. Here one get an impression how life may have been during medieval times as well as get insights to the philosophy and psychology of fairy tales.     

- Schloss Waldeck, a castle of the 17th century located in the area recently declared as an UNESCO World Culture Heritage Region, which also has torture chambers; it lets visitors imagine how rough people's lives were during the medieval era.

Program Fees

Approximately $3,924 includes:

  • Textbooks
  • Round trip air transportation (approximately $1,400)
  • Transportation within Germany
  • Class sessions and computer access at the University Kassel campus
  • Host activities by the International Summer University, including a Folkdance evening
  • Lodging (with host families and at youth hostels while on excursions)
  • Excursions to four cities related to the program's curriculum
  • Meals (when staying on a reasonable budget)
  • Admission to sites & attractions that are part of the program's curriculum
  • Boat ride on the Spree (in Berlin)
  • Health & Extraction insurance

Fees do not include

  • Tuition/Fees for 3 or 6 Credits of Coursework
  • New passport application fees (if applicable)
  • VISA fee (if applicable)
  • Optional excursions
  • Immediate medical expenses
  • Souvenirs, dinning and activities not planned, tips, etc.

Course Dates

Travel Dates Summer 2018: June 7 through June 28

Participants sign up for the summer courses PSYC 2003 General Psychology [online class] and/or PHIL 2003 Introduction to Philosophy [campus class] with NWACC. Classes may be audited (AU) with permission of the instructor(s). Community members may audit the classes with permission of the instructor(s).

Faculty Leaders

Dr. Karen Tinker-Walker, Professor of Psychology     479-619-3110
Dr. Don Merrell, Professor of Philosophy            479-936-5165