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Enjoy these winning essays from students in English Composition I


These essays were written by English Composition I students during the 2016-2017 school year, and this batch of essays and authors reflects the diversity of NWACC. The essays range from memoir to profiles to researched arguments and more. Some were written for traditional face-to-face classes, while others were written for online courses. The authors vary from students just out of high school to nontraditional students juggling fulltime jobs and families.

Twenty-three years ago, the English Department began publishing Expressions to provide Composition students with models of essays written by their peers. Writing can be a difficult task, but it can become easier with practice and exposure to others' written work. As you go through these essays, analyze each for what works well and how you might have approached the assignment differently. And, at the end of your time in Composition I, I hope you will submit your essays for consideration in next year's

Thanks to everyone who participated in putting together this collection: faculty members who served as judges, instructors who encouraged their students to submit, and numerous students who submitted their work for consideration.

Megan Looney
Expressions Editor and Professor of English

Copyright 2017        English Department        Northwest Arkansas Community College


Table of Contents

Author Title File Format
Jarell BookerA Quaint Little Drinking Village
with a Climbing Problem
.doc      .docx      ,pdf
Nick Cunningham

The Well of Public Creativity:
The Public Domain

.doc     .docx       .pdf
Thomas A. GoodAre We Spanking the Problem?
A Look at Corporal Punishment
in America Today    
.doc     .docx       .pdf
Rebecca HoganKnow More: Celiac Disease .doc      .docx       .pdf
MaeThe Girl on the Other Side
of the Mirror: A Reflection of a
Pre-Op Hmong Transgender
.doc       .docx      .pdf
Marvin Magana Hererra     What You Should Know About
Rene Aboytes: A Panoply
.doc      .docx       .pdf


Chase Morgan The Leap into the Jungle

.doc      .docx        .pdf

Brooke SainsburyDana Kappan .doc      .docx        .pdf
John WicksSpecial K.doc     .docx         .pdf

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